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Do you know what’s really happening in your business?
Think for a moment. Taking the time to analyse job management and costing systems is critical for your business to succeed. You know this. However, it’s no easy task when you’re busy working 12-hour days just to satisfy clients.

But if you don’t do take the time, you could well be heading down a very slippery slope; one that will lead you hurtling towards poor cash flow, low profitability, tax-time surprises and many other undesirables that, ultimately, spell business failure.

Ostendo can stop the slide
As leading Ostendo partners, we implement operational software that links with accounting packages, like MYOB. This enables you to gain a full picture of both the operational and accounting sides of your business.

Some of the many things you can do:

  • manage work in progress (WIP)
  • determine job profitability
  • keep track of your bank balance
  • track outstanding purchase orders
  • manage cash flow
  • account for all inventory movements.

MYOB and Ostendo
If you have MYOB, or use time-consuming manual systems with spread sheets, we can help lift your game. If you don’t currently use accounting software, we’ll install the best software for your business and train your staff. If you are already using accounting software, we can ensure you get the most from it and be able to obtain regular financial reports, GST calculations and KPI management reports.

A Testimonial
“The main benefits we received from using BIZINFO were improved visibility and management of debtors; customised reporting that meets our needs and improved efficiencies with data entry, thanks to being shown the shortcuts”. Sharyn Wright — Positive Point of Sale.

We are not just software resellers

Our role is not just to sell software. We encourage businesses to exploit their software functionality to the fullest to achieve maximum results.

It all starts with a free consultation. We leave out the jargon and listen so that we understand your business’ needs and objectives. Sometime business software isn’t the answer.


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