BIZ INFO -Track warranties, manage WIP, Auckland New Zealand

Sharyn Wright - Positive Point Of Sale Ltd

“What I really like about BIZINFO is their friendly & approachable manner,  great at understanding complex scenarios & simplifying them. Work is always completed in the agree timeframe. The quality of work ensures that everything is done right the first time.
The benefits of using BIZINFO were improved visibility and management of Debtors; customised reporting that meet our needs and improved efficiencies with data entry thanks to being shown the shortcuts..
BIZINFO are like a ‘stealth’ consultant… always hovering around in the background ready to spring into action. No matter big or small our requirements, they listen and comprehend our request, then create the best fit solution for us.”

Struan MacLeod – Symansis Ltd

“What I like about BIZINFO is their availability and willingness to provide timely solutions as well as having extensive knowledge of the products they support.”
As a result of using BIZINFO, we now have a robust and reliable and relatively low cost Accounting package along with a strong inventory and debtors management system that is flexible.”

Steven Newman – EROAD Ltd

“BIZINFO take the time to really get to know us and how our business runs. They investigate all requests and offer multiple solutions. They are always available… even to answer the smaller questions.
Benefits of using BIZINFO include providing a tailor made package that fits our unique business needs. Expert advice gathered by BIZINFO so they can offer alternative solutions. BIZINFO have provided advice on all areas of our business, including the finance database – The Whole Package!!.
Service is professional, quick and friendly. A consultancy that knows what they are doing & have the ability to find the answer elsewhere if required. Not afraid to step outside the square to find a solution.”

Kong Lum – Secom Guardall New Zealand Ltd

“Things I like most about BIZINFO are their Responsiveness - always willing to help. Knowledge – great depth of knowledge of the product. Competence – The ability to identify the problem and offer suitable solutions.
Benefits of using BIZINFO, include allowing us to make effective use of the supported software (Ostendo). This also extends to offering dependable support for us.”

Melita & Mike Plain – Auckland Heat Pumps Ltd

“What we like about BIZINFO is their level of expertise, availability and Immediacy in response to issues.
Benefits of using BIZINFO include Problem Resolution – They are considered part of our team and are integral in solving any issues or product enhancements ensuring all our needs are met.
Key reasons why we would recommend BIZINFO include, Availability, Flexibility and Immediacy with responses and meeting the requirements of our business.”

Robyn & Chris Sewter – Ground Structures Ltd

“We like BIZINFO because of their efficient and reliable approach. We can ask a question and they will come at it from different angles until our understanding is gained.
They always keep us up to date with software changes. BIZINFO were able to upgrade our forms (Invoices etc..) and personalise them for our business.
We would recommend BIZINFO because of their very personalised service and excellent knowledge of the accounting packages we use.
We just like BIZINFO very much!!”

Evan Sayer – NME Electrical Ltd

“We like BIZINFO because you are able to deal with people who have experience and business knowledge as well as being flexible in their approach.
BIZINFO were able to confirm what we expected regarding our business operation and have been able to personalise the software to fit our business process. We can concentrate our efforts in areas that have been performing to a level less that what we require.
In summary we would recommend BIZINFO because of the Personal Service, Business Knowledge and the Flexibility they bring.”


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